HybridOS® A totally new open source operating system designed for smart IoT devices and cloud computing environment.


A specialized software stack

HybridOS not only runs on smart IoT devices to support application development on devices, but also provides programming interfaces for the cloud and the clients. It tries to give the developers a new complete software stack and protocol stack from devices to the cloud and the clients.

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A new and universal app framework for IoT devices and client apps

The developers can write device app and client apps for Linux, Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems by using a set of extended HTML5 tags and JavaScript/CSS. You can even embed your HybridOS app directly in your webpages which are written in standard HTML5 by importing the HybridOS JavaScript and CSS library.

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IoT-dedicated cloud computing services and security implementation

HybridOS integrates some cloud computing services which are dedicated to IoT, such as distributed MQTT servers, identity authentication mechanism, and some basic services, such as firmware upgrade. HybridOS will provide a new security service for identity authentication mechanism based on blockchain technology.

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Live Demo

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It's free software!

  • For device side and client side, HybridOS uses GPL v3.
  • For server side, HybridOS uses AGPL v3.